Web Design &
Development Studio.

Top information technologies from Ljubuški :)

Web Design &
Development Studio.

Top information technologies from Ljubuški :)

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Self Hosted Web Servers

Start like Pro

We administer our servers in German data centers ourselves. Gigabit internet and caching of web pages in memory as well as fast processors and large disk space are the solution to all problems. Our servers are not overcrowded and the hosting service is exclusive to Web Studio Ero clients. For your money we offer value more.


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About us & our services

About us
We create CMS Wordpress or Joomla websites, the choice is yours. You want a static HTML web page, and we have a solution for that. You need an android app, that's not a problem either, although we have other priorities at the moment. We are currently working on the implementation of the Open Stack data center and see you there in the future. 4G network is getting cheaper, 5G is coming, you need to be ready, we already have a networking solution :). Need a Video Stream Server? And for Live TV stream we have a solution for 1000-15000 720HD devices / users Didn't we mention something? Send an inquiry, with investors, in addition to money, new ideas come ...

Product design


Open Stack

Server networking

4K Video clips rendering

Android App Development

Design Joomla and Wordpress Templates

Video Streaming Servers

Ante Kozina
Ante KozinaCEO & Founderantekozina3@gmail.com
Web Guru, IT Geek, Linux power user...


And then? What follows?

Website design? Redesign?

Do you need a server administrator?
Send us an inquiry we have a solution!