From the old days and games on ZX Spectrum 48k and Comodore 64 home computers, and the first dos 386 and 486 IBM compatible computers, I was a geek and wanted to program, but Herzegovina and Croatia are not America and Silicon Valley, so the progress and acquisition of IT knowledge has been quite slow.

Only in 1999, with the arrival of the Internet in Croatia and the first Pentium and Celeron processors, my interest in more serious IT knowledge became achievable, so I was preoccupied with Celeron overclocking, installations and tweaking Windows and the first Linux installations.

I uploaded the first website I created in 2007. But, you know what they say, watch what and how you want, what you strive for, that's what you will become.

Web studio Ero has existed on the Internet since 2012. as a freelance web design business, with a relatively small number of clients, but that doesn’t mean I don’t actively work on long-term projects. I am currently working on the implementation of a mini openstack data center and that excites me. Some are interested in crossword puzzles or quizzes on TV, me networking and server networking, linux administration, and I lack “free” time, I can say that I have “found myself”, to do what I love.

When it comes to web design, I offer everything in one place.

Domain registration and Web hosting on servers that I administer, original and recognizable Joomla or Wordpress design that follows your graphic standards, thorough SEO optimization when creating a website. I am no stranger to "Old School" HTML and CSS Web programming, I always need to insert a few lines of code.

Website design and design are just part of the story.

Search engine optimization is also very important for website success. Without an available page on Google, even the best design is meaningless. I have often times researched and analyzed the websites of others, noticed that SEO optimization has been “skipped” or partially done. I do not allow myself such mistakes. SEO is done when creating and before publishing on search engines.

Leave the design of your website to me and have a good price for the development and maintenance, and extra SEO optimization at no extra cost.

Take a look at the references so far and ask for an optional offer to create a website with a search engine optimization (SEO) plan that has been verified and gives extra results.

Web Studio Ero is there to advertise your craft, small or medium-sized business effectively and with minimal costs.